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Luna's Wandering Stars IS FINALLY OUT!


After days of working round the clock, we’ve completed the final version of Luna’s Wandering Stars!

And you can buy it right about here:

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How can we preserve the history of games?


About a year ago, I went to a talk featuring the creator of Centipede, Dona Bailey.


She explained how they had tried a bunch of control schemes, and the game just wasn’t fun enough. Then Dona convinced them to use a trackball and it was suddenly far better.

There was a QA session at the…

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(by Melissa)

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Ringo is always very affectionate isn’t he?

omg dhani george

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this would be the coolest thing i think maybe the piano wouldnt sound right but who cares there are mini sea creatures in there 

bad scan maybe and i dont have photoshop so i cant fiddle ok

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“Space Jam”

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